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Where else in the world can you....

* ....enjoy one of the world's best climates. * have more friends than you ever imagined. Foreigners with common interests tend to gravitate towards each other here. The expatriate community welcomes you and is a really interesting group of people. Many people even find romance here.

* ....enjoy pristine tropical white and dark sand beaches with 70 degree water.

* ....find outdoor activities horseback riding, river rafting, bird watching, hiking through a tropical rain forest, surf with some of the best waves in the world, a canopy tours, soak in a hot springs at the foot of a towering volcano, golf in a beautiful setting, world-class sports fishing, watch whales migrate, explore tropical islands, learn a new language and discover a whole new world, watch turtles lay their eggs and so much more.  Visit .

* ....attend first-run movies in English, savor international cuisine, attend concerts, arts exhibits and other cultural activities.

* ....purchase beach property for a 10th of the cost of Hawaii or California in a spectacular setting.

In Panama you'll add life to your years.

Besides having great weather and an easy going lifestyle, health care is also a consideration, and it is excellent.  As :

"Healthcare is just one of the many aspects that a would-be expat might, and should, take into account when researching the retirement destinations they’re considering. Those hoping to relocate to Panama can go ahead and breathe a cautious sigh of relief.

While the country’s healthcare system is certainly not without its flaws, many expats have actually cited it as one of the best things about living in Panama.  However, like almost anything else in Central America, it can vary greatly depending on where you go.

As a general rule, the best facilities and physicians are located in Panama City.  However, some other areas are starting to catch up.  For instance, Hospital Chiriqui, which treats many expats from the mountain haven of Boquete, provides an even better level of service than many in the city.

It is a smaller facility and may not be equipped to treat certain specialized cases, but is quite capable for most procedures."

 Panama's neighbor, Costa Rica, is also a heaven for expats and has excellent and medical facilities, and often more current technology and diagnosis equipment.  With a passport, it is easy to cross over the border or fly to San Jose.  With a large expat population of Americans, Europeans and Orientals, it caters to local and expats alike outside of the national healthcare system, where you can get faster treatment with the low cost, private healthcare system.   for those that want to explore the country or have help in arranging a dental or medical vacation.  If looking for a dentist in Costa Rica, specializes in implants and has their own dental lab and 10 dental specialists.  For a list of all dentists in Costa Rica and reviews, is the largest source to find dental implants and dental cosmetic surgery. 

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